Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry whatever darlings! Oh I've missed you my sweet babies. I thought I'd blog this little number before it became weird and awkward to wear super sexy Santa outfits, I don't want another repeat of last Easter! On a side note, I truly am sorry Pastor Dan for ruining your moving sermon when my last Sexy Santa mini dress exploded as soon as I stepped into the church (an hour fashionably late, mind you).

As most of you probably already know, ZsaZsa is a cheap bitch so of course I refuse to PAY for a Santa outfit. But luckily there are plenty of freebies out there! The best one I could find is by SHE. Aptly named, its called Miss Santa! I am amazed at all that the freebie includes, it's pretty much everything you see. Unfortunately I cant promise it'll look as fabulous on you as it does on me!

It includes a Santa hat, a two piece corset dress with super mini-flexy skirt, boots and gloves with fluff, mid-drift and cleavage for miles.


I am certain this outfit will brighten up your Christmas on second life. You and your virtual family sitting around the roaring scripted fire, dressed up like sexy santas... its a heart warming scene.

On a side note I just wanted to let all my devoted readers (all 2 of you) that I have been a good little girlie-boy this year and I would not turn it away if you all want to shower me in gifts.

Darlings, I really do hope you have a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hello sweetie puffs! Just to let you know... I've moved my store to a new location. ZsaZsa's house of beauty is now fittingly in the beautiful sim Horst! I LOVE my building and the entire fabulous starlust team! I threw out the idea of a giant bra for a store and they made it happen before my eyes! Could a girl ask for MORE? I had tears formed when i saw the finished massive leopard and pink cups. It was a religious experience. Heres a preview.

I invite you to visit the glory of my giant bra ZsaZsa's House of Beauty

Also I added a few new wigs and lashes to the store!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ZsaZsa goes Couture!

Couture fashion has swept the grid as the hottest trend since flexy skirts. Zsazsa hasn't personally delved into much couture fashion until now. I know, thats enough of a reasons to be arrested in secondlife. Lets face it though, Zsazsa doesnt need couture clothing to stand out.

Anyway, one thing I've noticed about "couture" is the prices get higher as does the ridiculousness of the clothing, which i love. So some of the couture names i could find were Baiastice, Paper Couture, and Digit Darkes. I bought something from each one, lets take a look shall we?

I bought BAIASTICE's inspired creation called "Seagull". I love the contrast of black and white feathers covering this shirt. I was hoping I'd feel like a graceful bird in shirt but i think i ended up looking like roadkill. Oh well, its couture, work it honey!
Heres Paper Couture's Amemone Gown. I could spin in it all day. The textures are beautiful and detailed. If there were a court of gold dresses, this would be the queen ruling over all the gold dress kingdom, sentencing other gold dresses to have their skirts decapitated. Zsazsa might be into role playing a little too much.
Last but definitely not least, Digit Darkes comes out with this tropical creation. Ladies and Ladies, I am in love. Its a skimpy little thing that leaves little to the imagination. In fact I can show my entirely well toned body while technically still wearing clothes! I always wanted a dress that combined the skimpiness of a bikini and the luxury of a fancy ballgown. Luckily DD has made that dream come true. The pattern and colors are perfect, and it flows as you walk. Zsazsa is going to be buried in this dress one day.
So thats ZsaZsa's take on couture, let me know your thoughts and comments! Kisses!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Stalkers and New Hair

Swirly Cyclone brought up the issues of stalking in her last blog post. Thank you Swirly for being brave and talking about this issue of SL stalkers. Its a very important topic, and it needs to be addressed. Too long have we lived in silence, but no more! The point of this post is to raise awareness about stalking, and not in any way to brag about how popular i am. Together we will overcome these crazed and obsessed fans! Here are some pictures of me being terrorized and stalked in new hair that I bought!

There I was, enjoying a nice day at the beach, when my stalker Toby bombarded me with camera flashes! I hope hes getting my good side! Here I am wearing .+*Fnky*+.Gold_

I cant even shop without being bothered! While wearing my .+*Yoka*+.Platinum Toby offered me chocolate that he wanted me to pay for. What a PAIN! He did carry my bags out to my car though, that was nice of him.

Sometimes Toby will leave his art inside my house for me to find. I'm still not sure how he gets in. Looks like its time to change the locks again! Oh well, at least my .+*Zina*+. hair looks great in this shot.

When Toby invades my person time I have to put my foot down. Here he is trying to attack me on the toilet. You can tell by my face that I was really surprised to see him! I was wearing my .+*Pani*+ hair during the ordeal and this image was used as "Evidence B".

All these hairstyles you've seen on Zsazsa can be found at Mira Style. You can find Toby in cell block C at the Second Life Penitentiary.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


ZsaZsa sold a pair of eyelashes, and now shes rolling in it, so that means its time for a fashion review! When Armidi announced that they had a new spring line, I couldn't wait to see what those skinny little girls made. The first thing that caught my eye was the jumpsuits on display. If J-Lo can pull off a jumpsuit, so can ZsaZsa. It came in so many colors, it was hard to decide which one i wanted. It was between pink and blue, I ended up with the "Cornflour Blue". I have so many pink things already, i figured it was time for a change. Putting it on, the outfit simply hugs your curves. Not that I have many, but you get the idea.

Theres something about this outfit though, that makes me feel rough and tough. Like a real lady.
I paired it up with white lilly's construction beefcake costume, to complete the look.

They are totally checking out my ass. Thanks Armidi!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kittys Lair

Hello, hello, hello! Sit down darlings, Zsa Zsa has a story to tell. I first saw HER while shopping for platform shoes at my favorite newbie store. What? They have fantastic deals! Anyway, like a religious experience, I was attracted to her guiding light. Her belly bling had temporally blinded me, yet somehow I knew exactly where to go, she was leading me some where. I was disoriented, dehydrated, and wearing yesterday's clothes. Fortunately she led me to a store, and that my darlings, is how I found Kittys Lair!

If you know me, you know that I am always on the hunt for a skimpy exercise outfit. Finally I think I have found THE one. "Call on me" is a throwback to the 80's.
Here I am breaking it in. Look how much I can bench!

Umm... thats not sweat darlings, I'm glistening.

Zsa Zsa loves short shorts, everyone knows that. But, short shorts paired with a bra top and enough fabric left over to cover that body hair you forgot to shave that day? LOVE IT! And to top it all off, it's shiny! With "BootyCall in White" I'm sure to attract some fish with this shiney object! Give me a call boys...a Booty Call! Haaayy!

"Lacy Pink" is the kind of dress that is so versatile, you could wear it to a second life wedding, then pick up your adopted age playing daughter from school, then visit an intimate little escort club to dance the night away. The attention to detail on this dress is truly a work of art, I mean... even a nun would have to appreciate the detail. Then again... if that nun is in Second Life, she is probably a VIP in that little escort club, and already owns a version of this dress in black. Maybe we should all say three hail maries just for logging in. I love you anyway Second Life!

Pick up "Lacy Pink" and everything else that you see above at Kittys Lair by clicking here!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Oh Gianni Broda, how I love your Cashmere designs. ZsaZsa has been a long time shopper at this store for a while now, and Gianni has never disappointed with her creative designs.

Allow me to poetically wax about your store for a moment Gianni, for I ask you this... where else can a girly man woman in Second Life get an outfit that includes a sleeveless zebra striped mock turtle neck with a puffy shirt dickey, short shorts, AND purple stockings?

I enter Cashmere, lindens in hand.. a never ending waterfall of short shorts and multi-colored tights fill my senses. Neon yellow. Hot Pink. Day glow orange. Purple leopard. Sleeveless puffy shirts!!

Much money has been spent, yet I am never satisfied with just one. Never stop Gianni, never! Your clothes make me stand out like a nun in a whore house, and I love every minute of it!

Visit Cashmere by clicking here.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

ZsaZsa's Advice

Hello loveys, ZsaZsa Withnail here again to let you know that you can ask me anything. No really! I love giving advice and answering questions and would love nothing more than for you to submit some to me via IM inworld. Want to know if your shoes go with your brand new latex skirt? How about if your new plaid ball gown is a fashion faux pau to wear to a wedding? I will post your questions and my answers on here as I get them, don't be shy!

ZsaZsa's House of Beauty just got some new lashes!

I added some new eyelashes to my little shop! How dramatic are they?? I think they'd look amazing on you sweetie, why don't you go buy a pair? ZsaZsa's House of Beauty Shop

Ta ta Darlings!


Hello, I'd like to welcome to the first post of my fabulous new blog. Do you like? I like. For those of you who dont know me (ha!), I am ZsaZsa Withnail, owner of "ZsaZsa's house of Beauty" and Second Life's FIRST drag queen (there are a few out there now)!
In Second Life I use to write for a online blog called "PixelPinup", and I occasionally answer Fashion Emergency questions that are sent to the in-world group. But i mostly just shop for outfits in Second Life!

So, sweeties, now that introductions are out of the way, lets get down to business! I cannot think of a more appropriate shop to review for the first post of my blog then my new fav "BiancaF."!
I only intended to buy one outfit when i first arrived at the store located in the "Addictive" sim but by the end of my trip I ended up with more then a few items, and an empty change purse.The first outfit is called "*BF*CHANEL-long/fucsia". Bianca personally picked out this outfit for me, and i must say the color is SO FANTASTIC, it brought a tear to my eye. The detailing on the belt screams LUXURY. You could really go to town glaming this beauty up with chunky gold jewelry.

I originally came to the store because i saw this next outfit. "*BF*marrasdress" has many layers, like an onion. Theres a long skirt, a short skirt, and pants with a belt. I like the pant/shirt/belt version the best. I also paired it up with another item of Bianca's, "*bf*pvcjacket-red". This was one of many colors, and if i could afford it I would have bought them all! The sleeves on the jacket are to kill for.

This little number was an impulse buy. "*BF*CHANEL-short/black" isnt something i'd normally go for, but the skirt is detailed enough for a second look. The tulle texture and the belt detail make this worth the purchase.

Finally "*BF*daikirivelvetstripes". I loveee the colors, and even though they dont go with any outfit i own, I love them just the same. On a personal note I'd like to thank bianca for making MODIFABLE SHOES! Biance's shoes are the only shoes I've ever been able to stretch to fit my male shape. You don't even know how happy this makes ZsaZsa!

To purchase everything you see here, and I know you want to after seeing how great it all looks on me, please be so kind to visit BiancaF. for more fabulousness.

Ta ta Darlings!