Friday, July 29, 2011

ZsaZsa's House of Beauty: Hot New Hair!!

Hello girls! What a disgusting hot day it is today! Due to my makeup melting and my hair going frizzy and flat, I've vowed to stay in air conditioning for the next two months or at least until this humidity is under control. Bad news for my ass and thighs, but great news for you! Indoor air conditioning translates into me creating fabulous giant wigs for you.

When I go shopping for hair what really bothers me is that the volume is never what I am looking for. I need the volume turned way up, which brings me to my first new wig is called Big & Sexy. The name can also double as a description of this hair as well. Curls everywhere, insane volume, and just fierce fabulous-ness is what this wig is all about.

My Seductress wig is a super sexy tousled up-do that will seduce any man who dares look at you. Use with discretion, and remember that I warned you! As always, my wigs come in 5 colors in one pack.

Come visit my store in Chowla to pick these up (INWORLD STORE LINK)! Don't forget to say hi if you see me there! I love all of you fabulous girls!