Monday, April 14, 2008

Stalkers and New Hair

Swirly Cyclone brought up the issues of stalking in her last blog post. Thank you Swirly for being brave and talking about this issue of SL stalkers. Its a very important topic, and it needs to be addressed. Too long have we lived in silence, but no more! The point of this post is to raise awareness about stalking, and not in any way to brag about how popular i am. Together we will overcome these crazed and obsessed fans! Here are some pictures of me being terrorized and stalked in new hair that I bought!

There I was, enjoying a nice day at the beach, when my stalker Toby bombarded me with camera flashes! I hope hes getting my good side! Here I am wearing .+*Fnky*+.Gold_

I cant even shop without being bothered! While wearing my .+*Yoka*+.Platinum Toby offered me chocolate that he wanted me to pay for. What a PAIN! He did carry my bags out to my car though, that was nice of him.

Sometimes Toby will leave his art inside my house for me to find. I'm still not sure how he gets in. Looks like its time to change the locks again! Oh well, at least my .+*Zina*+. hair looks great in this shot.

When Toby invades my person time I have to put my foot down. Here he is trying to attack me on the toilet. You can tell by my face that I was really surprised to see him! I was wearing my .+*Pani*+ hair during the ordeal and this image was used as "Evidence B".

All these hairstyles you've seen on Zsazsa can be found at Mira Style. You can find Toby in cell block C at the Second Life Penitentiary.