Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ZsaZsa goes Couture!

Couture fashion has swept the grid as the hottest trend since flexy skirts. Zsazsa hasn't personally delved into much couture fashion until now. I know, thats enough of a reasons to be arrested in secondlife. Lets face it though, Zsazsa doesnt need couture clothing to stand out.

Anyway, one thing I've noticed about "couture" is the prices get higher as does the ridiculousness of the clothing, which i love. So some of the couture names i could find were Baiastice, Paper Couture, and Digit Darkes. I bought something from each one, lets take a look shall we?

I bought BAIASTICE's inspired creation called "Seagull". I love the contrast of black and white feathers covering this shirt. I was hoping I'd feel like a graceful bird in shirt but i think i ended up looking like roadkill. Oh well, its couture, work it honey!
Heres Paper Couture's Amemone Gown. I could spin in it all day. The textures are beautiful and detailed. If there were a court of gold dresses, this would be the queen ruling over all the gold dress kingdom, sentencing other gold dresses to have their skirts decapitated. Zsazsa might be into role playing a little too much.
Last but definitely not least, Digit Darkes comes out with this tropical creation. Ladies and Ladies, I am in love. Its a skimpy little thing that leaves little to the imagination. In fact I can show my entirely well toned body while technically still wearing clothes! I always wanted a dress that combined the skimpiness of a bikini and the luxury of a fancy ballgown. Luckily DD has made that dream come true. The pattern and colors are perfect, and it flows as you walk. Zsazsa is going to be buried in this dress one day.
So thats ZsaZsa's take on couture, let me know your thoughts and comments! Kisses!