Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Oh Gianni Broda, how I love your Cashmere designs. ZsaZsa has been a long time shopper at this store for a while now, and Gianni has never disappointed with her creative designs.

Allow me to poetically wax about your store for a moment Gianni, for I ask you this... where else can a girly man woman in Second Life get an outfit that includes a sleeveless zebra striped mock turtle neck with a puffy shirt dickey, short shorts, AND purple stockings?

I enter Cashmere, lindens in hand.. a never ending waterfall of short shorts and multi-colored tights fill my senses. Neon yellow. Hot Pink. Day glow orange. Purple leopard. Sleeveless puffy shirts!!

Much money has been spent, yet I am never satisfied with just one. Never stop Gianni, never! Your clothes make me stand out like a nun in a whore house, and I love every minute of it!

Visit Cashmere by clicking here.


Tenshi Vielle said...

Holy crap, I thought you were just a SLegend... but here you are! Hello!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

You rock these Cashmere outfits so hard, ZsaZsa!!

I only just discovered your blog today and I'm going to be an avid ZsaZsa follower from now on!