Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kittys Lair

Hello, hello, hello! Sit down darlings, Zsa Zsa has a story to tell. I first saw HER while shopping for platform shoes at my favorite newbie store. What? They have fantastic deals! Anyway, like a religious experience, I was attracted to her guiding light. Her belly bling had temporally blinded me, yet somehow I knew exactly where to go, she was leading me some where. I was disoriented, dehydrated, and wearing yesterday's clothes. Fortunately she led me to a store, and that my darlings, is how I found Kittys Lair!

If you know me, you know that I am always on the hunt for a skimpy exercise outfit. Finally I think I have found THE one. "Call on me" is a throwback to the 80's.
Here I am breaking it in. Look how much I can bench!

Umm... thats not sweat darlings, I'm glistening.

Zsa Zsa loves short shorts, everyone knows that. But, short shorts paired with a bra top and enough fabric left over to cover that body hair you forgot to shave that day? LOVE IT! And to top it all off, it's shiny! With "BootyCall in White" I'm sure to attract some fish with this shiney object! Give me a call boys...a Booty Call! Haaayy!

"Lacy Pink" is the kind of dress that is so versatile, you could wear it to a second life wedding, then pick up your adopted age playing daughter from school, then visit an intimate little escort club to dance the night away. The attention to detail on this dress is truly a work of art, I mean... even a nun would have to appreciate the detail. Then again... if that nun is in Second Life, she is probably a VIP in that little escort club, and already owns a version of this dress in black. Maybe we should all say three hail maries just for logging in. I love you anyway Second Life!

Pick up "Lacy Pink" and everything else that you see above at Kittys Lair by clicking here!


JezabellBarbosa said...

You are fantastic!
I slove you!


Kanomi said...

You're a fabulous follower of fashion! Keep it up cutie!