Thursday, March 20, 2008


ZsaZsa sold a pair of eyelashes, and now shes rolling in it, so that means its time for a fashion review! When Armidi announced that they had a new spring line, I couldn't wait to see what those skinny little girls made. The first thing that caught my eye was the jumpsuits on display. If J-Lo can pull off a jumpsuit, so can ZsaZsa. It came in so many colors, it was hard to decide which one i wanted. It was between pink and blue, I ended up with the "Cornflour Blue". I have so many pink things already, i figured it was time for a change. Putting it on, the outfit simply hugs your curves. Not that I have many, but you get the idea.

Theres something about this outfit though, that makes me feel rough and tough. Like a real lady.
I paired it up with white lilly's construction beefcake costume, to complete the look.

They are totally checking out my ass. Thanks Armidi!


Abby Coalcliff said...

OMG your fabulous!!!

Jezabell Barbosa said...

I worship you!