Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hello, I'd like to welcome to the first post of my fabulous new blog. Do you like? I like. For those of you who dont know me (ha!), I am ZsaZsa Withnail, owner of "ZsaZsa's house of Beauty" and Second Life's FIRST drag queen (there are a few out there now)!
In Second Life I use to write for a online blog called "PixelPinup", and I occasionally answer Fashion Emergency questions that are sent to the in-world group. But i mostly just shop for outfits in Second Life!

So, sweeties, now that introductions are out of the way, lets get down to business! I cannot think of a more appropriate shop to review for the first post of my blog then my new fav "BiancaF."!
I only intended to buy one outfit when i first arrived at the store located in the "Addictive" sim but by the end of my trip I ended up with more then a few items, and an empty change purse.The first outfit is called "*BF*CHANEL-long/fucsia". Bianca personally picked out this outfit for me, and i must say the color is SO FANTASTIC, it brought a tear to my eye. The detailing on the belt screams LUXURY. You could really go to town glaming this beauty up with chunky gold jewelry.

I originally came to the store because i saw this next outfit. "*BF*marrasdress" has many layers, like an onion. Theres a long skirt, a short skirt, and pants with a belt. I like the pant/shirt/belt version the best. I also paired it up with another item of Bianca's, "*bf*pvcjacket-red". This was one of many colors, and if i could afford it I would have bought them all! The sleeves on the jacket are to kill for.

This little number was an impulse buy. "*BF*CHANEL-short/black" isnt something i'd normally go for, but the skirt is detailed enough for a second look. The tulle texture and the belt detail make this worth the purchase.

Finally "*BF*daikirivelvetstripes". I loveee the colors, and even though they dont go with any outfit i own, I love them just the same. On a personal note I'd like to thank bianca for making MODIFABLE SHOES! Biance's shoes are the only shoes I've ever been able to stretch to fit my male shape. You don't even know how happy this makes ZsaZsa!

To purchase everything you see here, and I know you want to after seeing how great it all looks on me, please be so kind to visit BiancaF. for more fabulousness.

Ta ta Darlings!


The Diva said...

Yay! Hi ZsaZsa, Not sure if we've met yet..but I'm sure you know how it goes.. :)
Supper thrilled to see the blog (Thankies to @StephanieMisfit for the heads up!)

*waves byee*

Swirly Cyclone said...

Darling, you look simply divine! Swirly must shop now dear.


Anonymous said...

yeah! zsaza blog! it looks fabu dear! you're on the top of my list!

violetta leshelle said...

oh haha-anonymous? violetta leshelle speaking