Monday, September 13, 2010

No Excuses

Oh goodness I've been a horrible blogger.

Jesus, who am I kidding? I've been a horrible Second Life creator as well! As most of you know, I spend my summers volunteering with a local girl scout troop. It was really very glamorous throughout and looked a lot like this:
But I'm back for now, my loves! It's the rough times in our relationship that makes us stronger though. Anyway, I brought you some gifts from my vaykay! Two brand new sculpted wigs. Yes, I realize that I am about two years late in the second life sculpting game but better late then never! Expect more goodness to come sooner then later my sweets.
I was slightly inspired by Kat Von Dee for my pussycat wig, but also added a little Dolly Parton in there for volume.

Go buy buy buy! ZsaZsa's House of Beauty!

Here's a little gold digging gift to put you in the mood.

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