Friday, June 26, 2009

Hot Mess Dior

Darlings I took a trip to a store named ALB DREAM FASHION and fell into a world of color! By world of color i mean, hot mess of clashing textures...mmmm love it! I immediately zoned in on the Dior dresses. Without even thinking I hit "pay"and bought both dresses without noticing the price...they turned out to be a bit more expensive than I usually buy, about 600L each, causing a bit of nausea and queasiness.
On closer inspection of the two dresses, after the initial price shock, they both have the feel and aura of Dior through the eyes of a child with a box of crayons. The textures, blatantly photo sourced, are not the best quality but the colors really drew me in.

My favorite is the "ALB DIOR impression brocade set" Its a creative mix of old world brocade design and a modern hot pink little tutu. Hot! I topped off the ensemble with the fantastically priced 10 linden "ALB DIOR impression lotta HAT" which is a perfect match. I would wear this outfit anywhere, grocery shopping, even for silly errands like picking out my nightly escort.

"ALB DIOR impression flower set" was a impulse buy. Perhaps I should have thought about it more. Its very big, not something you can wear everyday, but it's a swirly mess of lovely non the less. What the hell, I'd wear it to the post office. Speaking of which, I have to go mail a box of condoms that I sold on Ebay to someone in China.


Notice the gigantic diamond necklace I am sporting in these pictures? Its my new favorite jewelry piece. Its chunky funky, yummy, and luxury. I definitely recommend you take a visit to the brand "Andrea" located in * Donna Flora. They have lots of nice things that I would have bought if I were not poor. There may be a recession out there but at least i get to wear Dior.


Anonymous said...

you are fab!

ZsaZsa Withnail said...

Thank you darling! You are fab too!!