Friday, April 03, 2009

OH my darlings

Let me first start by posting a glamor shot of me in the new hair I've made!

Yes you read right, ZsaZsa has made some more hair. Its named after Harry from Harry's Hidaway mall. That mall was the first place i ever opened up a pink covered sequin sparkling ZsaZsa's House of Beauty. Harry was never that responsive when i had problems with the area though, which is why i moved away. Oh but Harry you will always be on my mind. Forever and Always.A couple more things, I made a few new skins!
and I updated the dragqueen starter kit! I started feeling really bad that people were actually buying it, so why not make something worth buying!? That is ZsaZsa's quality standard.
It comes with everything you see here.

Ta ta darlingsss

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