Thursday, February 25, 2010


Darlings! Oh, it's been forever, sorry I didn't write! It's just that I was having such a wonderful time on my "sabbatical". As Hedi Montag knows, it's an unending quest for perfection, Darlings, in the 80's we just got high and didn't have to worry about unusually masculine jaw line... anyway, everything should be healed by now and I've been able to move my face without it slipping down again! (what a pain!), and I've even regained part of my sense of smell back. Its back into the limelight for me! In addition to a few minor cosmetic improvements, I have some new hair for you. It has gotten bigger! Just look at it, darlings! It comes in two colors normal natural-tones as well as my patented "You Go Girlfriend!" colors. Have you ever seen anything so giant and glorious, besides me? buy buy buy! ZsaZsa's House of Beauty!

That's right, I have another style for you! This hair similar to what I wore at my prom ahhherrhhhh years ago.. My mother was just so proud... my date's mother no so much. Oh well, enjoy darlings!

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